May 5, 2021

Catch us at the #click&meet event by Ford

On 6 October Diabatix will be exhibiting in the online #click&meet event hosted by Ford. In this event, various automotive manufacturers and experts will be gathering to share their wisdom and do presentations. The aim of this exhibit is to allow Ford to get to know other potential partners in the industry. There will be 4 clusters of presentations during the day:

  1. Opening: Automotive Cluster & FORD Motor Company
  2. Exhibitors’ presentations
  3. B2B sessions
  4. Final round: feedback OEM to exhibitors

This event will be held entirely virtually, so even during corona times, while there are still strict regulations in place in various countries, everybody will be able to attend. Don’t hesitate to check in and catch Diabatix during the B2B sessions of this event from 11:30AM to 13:30PM!

Click here for more information about this event. Don't hesitate to reach out to us and e-mail to

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