Conduction Cooling

In situations where you have adequate space, a sealed enclosure or require no audible noise, conduction is a reliable cooling option. Conduction doesn’t require pumps or fans to operate, and instead, relies on heat transfer between parts of a continuum, through direct physical contact.

Conductive cooling is chosen for its reliability and performance, but is not as accommodating or powerful as an air or liquid cooling system.


Conduction is used in specific situations where reliability and noise reduction is crucial, for instance in power electronics, semiconductors, converters, inverters, batteries and wafers.

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Generative Conduction Cooling

By Diabatix
With an innovative design and the use of composite materials with high thermal conductivity, conductive heat sinks designed using generative technology cool efficiently and uniformly. Each design is unique, precisely optimized to your heat source(s), manufacturing method, material, and dimensions, resulting in high uniformity.

Generative design offers a state of the art approach to conduction cooling design, providing usable, manufacture ready results in addition to new, valuable design insight.
  • High temperature uniformity
    The islands have a high contact area with the heat source, improving the convective cooling.
  • Low mass
    Reduces mass through clever island placement, maximizing its cooling potential.
  • High heat transfer
    The shapes are designed around your heat source(s), resulting in very high heat transfer.
  • Heat distribution control
    Hotspots are eliminated through efficient heat distribution, which is specifically designed around your heat source(s).

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With generative design, the role of designers and engineers is to frame the problem and define the goals, which the software interprets, and then uses to guide its way towards an optimal design option.

Conduction cooling examples

In our weekly design series, XWeekly, we showcase the high performance thermal designs created with our software.

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